Some wounds take longer. And some leave scars, but not for people like you. So what’s going on?


Derek Hale in “Time of Death” (4x08)

So it’s everything then? No glowing eyes, no healing?
- Smell, hearing, speed. Everything.

Liam Dunbar in 4x08 "Time of Death"




derek ‘i totally meant to do that’ hale (。♥‿♥。)

I’m seeing a little Stiles in him now. :D

omg you are right o_o it’s like he’s taking his how-to-act-human cues from the humans around him and even if someone doesn’t ship Sterek, Derek doesn’t really know many humans other than Stiles ^^

and after that he did the same trick Erica pulled on him. ;_;  Errriicccaaaaaa *cries*

That night I caused the car crash, there’s a part I didn’t tell you about.